Hes the only thing on my mind, but I’m pretty sure I’m the last thing on his mind.

May 9

The hugs he gives >

May 3

This kiiiiiiiiid……

I don’t know what to do. I don’t want feelings. I need to stop.

I cant deal with this man. Wtf.

These feelings. It’s lonely. I want someone. The only one right now who puts butterflies in my stomach, I know I could never be with, its wrong. & that talk about soul mates just makes it worse. Like I want to find mine. I want to be in love & be loved back. I want the feeling of being wanted & needed. I want to keep talking to this kid, but its wrong. We both know it. & it sucks honestly. I just want someone. & we spent time with this guy today, like why can’t we just be good friends. Like no he barely talks to me. I just want to be happy.
Side note: I want to start working on my spirituality. Not religion, spiritual stuff. Idk man. Choices.

The problem with me?

I fall too easy. I catch feelings too easy. I care too easy. I get attached too easy. I need to get over it all. #scorpioproblems

That Snapchat low-key made my day.

Like it was too cute lol I should’ve screenshot it. Idk I was in class soooo it was difficult to screenshot. But I’ll prolly never forget it hopefully.

So that kid.

For like the past 3 nights I’ve dreamt about him like wtf is happening. He snapchats me, barely . & I find myself hoping he sees my Snapchat story. I wish I sat next to him. I wish we could hang out chill smoke & play video games. I wish he’d ask me again. I wish we went to lunch one day. Skipped together maybe. There’s only 2 people I could see myself dating, and he’s probably the third one even tho it would most likely never happen. Like ugh. I just want him. Pls.


i watch this video like every morning.

it is literally the best video ever.


its okay to cry - lil b


its okay to cry - lil b